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A dinner with a Vietnamese family
Posted On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 by CheapTourVietnam
I am invited to join a dinner with a local family in Hanoi. For me, Hanoi is a new experience, and eating with a local family is also a new exciting experience. It is not just because of all the amazing food, it is also because of the air – the environment of the dinner. In my country, every person has their own dishes for meal, but in Vietnam, I see that every member of the family share all dishes placed on a round tray from the dishes of vegetable, of meat and even bowl of fish sauce which I was said seems to be an indispensable part in every meal of the Vietnamese. They don’t need to close the door during the dinner; everyone can come in and even join the dinner with them. It offers me a really new look at how to join meal in countries all over the world.

                                         Enjoying dinner with local Vietnamese family - Hanoi discovery trips
                                         Enjoying dinner with a Vietnamese family - my Hanoi tour - by Eoingrosch

The family with whom I have dinner do not sit around the table to enjoy dinner, but sit on a rush mat. The men usually have beer or win, and when just one of them wants to drink, they have to raise their glass, say "Cheers!", and everyone needs to join in and drink their beer or wine. In a large group, it happens so often that you spent most of your time toasting and drinking, so eat the food in the small remaining windows of time! budget Vietnam tour package.
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