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Festivals in Nha Trang
Posted On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 by Cheap Tour Vietnam
The majestic sunset in Nha Trang Bay
Charming sunset in Nha Trang Bay
White sand, blue sea, calm waves and spectacular sunset are great things to to in Nha Trang that captures visitors’ hearts. Besides, a variety of cultural festivals also attract every visitor to this beautiful coastal city.  Each festival has its own color and activity waiting for your exploration!

Am Chúa Festival

Am Chúa (Am Chua) Festival is held on 24th April, lunar month to commemorate the Thien Yana God, who is regarded as Lady Godness. Am Chúa (Am Chua) Temple is on Đại An (Dai An) Mount in Diên Điền (Dien Dien) Commune of Diên Khánh (Dien Khanh) District. There is also a temple and statue of Lady Goddess dedicated here. The Festival consists of two parts: the rituals and the procession. After the traditional solemn rituals, there is an Offering flower Dance, “Vãn Bà” song, and other dances connecting to the legend of Thien Yana performed here.
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