The Thai’s traditional folk game of Con ball throwing
Posted On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 by Cheap Tour Vietnam
Thai girls playing Con ball throwing game - Vietnam ethnic culture tour
Annually, when spring comes, Thai people make Con balls for the folk game at festival. A Con ball has the same size with an orange. It is decorated with colorful patterns, which symbolize for the richness of universe, as well as stuffed with rice grains, cotton, sesame, and mustard seeds and beans, representing the hopes and desire for growth, longevity, and prosperity. 
How to make a Con ball?

Thai girls will use a square cloth of 20 cm on each side and then stitch the cloth’s three corners and leave the rest one open to stuff seeds in. The string of the ball is about 50 cm long. Four corners of the ball are decorated with colorful fringes representing the four directions. The fringes at the end of the string and under the ball represent heaven and earth.

Actually, the Thai people base on the quality and colors of the cloth to choose which ball is the most beautiful one. It is also believed that the ball with more colorful fringes will bring more luck, happiness, and prosperity. Therefore, it’s no doubt that everyone desires to own the most beautiful ones to play with during the festivals.
If you have chance to come and visit the Thai ethnic people in Vietnam’s northwestern region, you can easily catch Thai girls and boys throwing Con ball. For many years, Con ball throwing has been a popular folk game of Thai people, in which Thai girls and boys can find their partners and express their love.
It was long time ago since Thai girls had worked in the rice fields and then made a game from throwing sheaves of rice plants to each other. Time passed time; the sheaves were replaced with Con or fabric ball.
Legend had it that the game of Con ball throwing would bring happiness, trust as well as prosperity to the Thai ethnic people. Therefore, this traditional folk game has gradually become a popular one and part of tradition among the Thai community and is now closely associated with the Thai’s life on wet rice land.

Thai people normally play this game at their major festivals, typical of which are Long Tong or Going to the Field, Genie Worshipping, and Lunar New Year festivals. 
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