The unique traditional Muong’s stilt-houses
Posted On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 by Cheap Tour Vietnam
Tra traditional stilt house of Muong people - Vietnam Northern tours
The traditional houses of the Muong people in Northern Vietnam
Traditionally, the Muong’s stilt-houses are often made of wood, bamboos or palm leaves and built on hill sides, mountain foot or around valleys. Besides, jacks, areca trees and farms products are also planted around the house.
The Muong expect that the owner of the house will be prosperous and all members of the family will be healthy if the position and building aspect of the house have to be well-chosen. If the building aspect is not met, at least the position of the house must satisfy these following criteria:

      (1) the front must face the flat, be near the river(s) or stream(s)
      (2) the back if leant against the mountains is fine, but in front, mountains must be a bit far-away; also must not have the valeu.
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